Gifted Practice CoachingTM is a unique combination of tools, consulting, and on-site coaching that allows us to turn good practices into gifted practices.

To help you understand our year-long coaching process, we’ve outlined ten steps involved.
Step 1

Our coaching process begins with a complimentary phone call with Lauren. During this call, we’ll talk about the clients you serve, the services you provide, and the staff and technology that supports you. We’ll identify what’s working and what isn’t. If you’re ready to take the next step, we move forward quickly.

calling lauren
Step 2

You’ll complete our Practice Management Workbook to round out the data that will give us our starting point. The workbook examines key components of your business including mission, marketing, partner roles, staffing, systems, and profitability.

Step 3

Lauren introduces herself and the coaching process to your staff. All members of the team take a Kolbe ‘A’ Index, a psychometric assessment that reveals our instinctive modes of operation. Using this assessment helps us get the right people in the right roles and also helps you take full advantage of the talents on your team.

“Lauren is incredibly discerning and quick to determine who I am and what areas I need help in. She has a way of under promising and over delivering.”

Richard Harris

Virginia Beach, VA

Parisi explaining
Step 4

Lauren spends the evening before the in-office visit at dinner with you, and if you have them, your partners. Here, we get to know each other better while confirming and prioritizing the objectives.

Step 5

A big portion of the on-site visit is spent in meetings with your staff. The purpose here is three-fold: to understand what a day in the work life of each of your employees is like, to assess their talents, and to seek their input about the practice overall.

Step 6

A lunchtime presentation helps create synergy, understanding and respect for the different talents on the team. With Kolbe as our foundation, we look at how the individuals on the team naturally take action and identify strategies to improve collaboration, increase productivity and reduce tensions.

Lauren with clients Lauren presenting
Step 7

We conduct a Systems Check-Up, identifying the systems and processes that support marketing, planning, implementation, and client service. If there are technology, workflow or service gaps, they will be revealed here.

“Lauren possesses an understanding of our business and the producer mindset, coupled with an ability to be an active listener and responder.”

Doak Jacoway

Denver, CO

Lauren and computer
Step 8

The last agenda item of the on-site visit is a “big picture” debrief. Lauren provides her observations on the strengths of the practice, areas of vulnerability, priorities, and any staffing or operational issues which warrant immediate attention.

“Lauren provides tangible, actionable, valuable advice on how to optimize a wealth advisory business that we would never otherwise obtain. Her help is priceless!”

Jim Niedzinski

Detroit, MI

Step 9

Lauren develops written recommendations and an action plan that encompass strategies to address all of your objectives. This action plan serves as the roadmap throughout our engagement, anchoring the coaching process each step of the way. We like to keep things simple and not tackle too much at once, starting with the biggest and most pressing issues, then working our way down the list.

Step 10

Execution is always our top priority. In this step of our process, we hold every-other-week one hour phone meetings with you and members of your team. A typical series of calls might alternate between implementation support with the advisor, skill building with an employee, facilitation of partner meetings, or interviewing prospective employees – all the while, keeping you focused and on track. In addition to these bi-weekly calls, Lauren designs your organizational model, creates job descriptions, develops career paths, and recommends compensation strategies. And should your staff change…perhaps a para-planner relocates, or an administrative assistant takes maternity leave … Lauren is there to quarterback the recruitment process and help you regroup.

Lauren shaking hands

“Lauren is a professional in the whole H/R thing, but she is so much more than that – she thinks like us – she knows the mind of a planner – and she blends her coaching style to fit the individual “wiring” of the planner – all the while doing so with humor, wit and charm. She is a treasured pal and coach all wrapped into one delightful package.”

RJ Kelly

San Diego, CA


After twelve months of coaching, what can you expect to find in your Gifted Practice? You’ll find an organization staffed with talented and enthusiastic professionals. You’ll find the “seat of the pants” approach replaced with systems. You’ll find tasks completed faster, with greater accuracy and less frustration. And you’ll find you – the person who chose this business for just one reason – to help clients achieve their goals.