We’re guessing you’re a gifted financial advisor. Gifted at building client relationships. Gifted at explaining complex concepts. Gifted at designing financial strategies.

But are you gifted at Practice Management?

Lauren Farasati is the founder of The Gifted Practice, a coaching firm dedicated exclusively to helping successful financial advisors build extraordinary teams. Increasing profit, upgrading the client experience and having fun all hinge on the advisor’s ability to find and keep great staff. Lauren provides her clients with:

  • Strategic staffing models
  • Motivating career paths
  • Role clarity and accountability
  • Management coaching
  • Team communication strategies
  • Compensation systems
  • Partnership facilitation

Every minute you spend dealing with service fires and backroom headaches is time you could be spending in front of clients, doing what you love. Take our Coaching Tour to see how. Or, contact Lauren Farasati and turn your business into a Gifted Practice today.



Lauren Farasati, Arms Crossed, TJ